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Exclusive Portfolio Review with Design Studio B.O.B.

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Alessia Sistori and Lilly Friedeberg from Design Studio B.O.B. will be hosting an exclusive virtual Portfolio Review Session for a small group of 26 Designers. You will receive numerous insights and tips from a diverse mix of depicted portfolios hosted in two small groups.
Ready? If interested make sure to reserve yourself a seat as soon as possible. First come, first serve.

🕟 When? On the 25th of October (Wed) at 16:30 CEST time | 7:30 AM PT time – Duration: 90 Minutes — 26 Seats

🎯 How does it work? You will participate in one of 2 small groups split between Lilly and Alessia. In your group you will go over up to 4 submitted portfolios from the group and hear detailed feedback and suggestions how to stand out and improve your work. In the first 15 Minutes you will introduce yourself. During the main 60 Minutes workshop you will fully dive into the portfolio reviews, followed by another 15 Minutes Q&A time where you can ask any question you have.

🎨 Will my Portfolio be discussed? Depending on which portfolio Lilly & Alessia will pick your portfolio might or might not be included. The 4 portfolios per group will be a mix of different portfolio types and styles. Our aim is to offer you numerous insights from these examples that you can use in your own work. Most of the feedback and advice you'll receive will be applicable to everyone, giving you a wider perspective than you'd get from a one-on-one portfolio discussion with the studio.

✅ Before you book:
-> Please note that hereby you agree to openly share your portfolio within a small group of likeminds.
-> Everything you will see and hear shall be treated confidentially.
-> Please behave respectfully towards the other participants.
-> If you can not attend we are not able to provide a refund. Therefore please assure yourself you are available on the day and time of the meeting.
-> You understand that we can not guarantee you that your portfolio will be picked and discussed by the Studio.

A B O U T:

Design Studio B.O.B. is an independent Design Studio based in Düsseldorf and Berlin, Germany. B.O.B. was founded in 2018 and is run by the art & creative directors Alessia Sistori and Lilly Friedeberg and is mainly focused on branding, packaging and Illustration.

We worked for international clients like Adobe, Klarna or Apple Music but also for smaller brands and start ups with a sustainable approach. Our goal is creating unique and personal design styles for every client we work with and thereby point out the strengths of each business. It is very important to us to be responsible with people and nature and to experiment with different materials and techniques to find the right solution for every project.

Mentorship session hosted by now: ✅ 100+

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Exclusive Portfolio Review with Design Studio B.O.B.

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