Matej Špánik — WTM Mentor

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Ahoj! I am Matej Špánik, a graphic designer, art director & design director with 18+ years of experience in various creative fields. Over the years I worked in various places and countries (Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia) at big corporate agencies (Saatchi & Saatchi or O2 in-house agency) and smaller studios – most notably Stockholm agency SNASK. I love to work with a certain playfulness and with a style that is easy to digest and nice to look at. My main focus is on branding, visual communication and art direction. I really like when the design can communicate emotion and stand out, but at the same time still keeps its functional purpose. Definitely, the pop culture and television aesthetics shaped my style and taste the most.

I am super happy to talk about these topics:

  • How to intern? All about internships and how to squeeze the maximum out of them.
  • Build your S-T-Y-L-E! The importance of signature style in graphic design and beyond.
  • Criticism is your friend. Constructive criticism and how to give/receive feedback.
  • Collaboration is love. How you can benefit from collaboration with other creatives. And how this collaboration can make the end result better.
  • Nice work, please check my portfolio. What to think about when building your portfolio. Plus portfolio review.
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"We believe that we live in a time where it's important for every product, packaging or brand to stand out with a unique appearance; with a design that is made with love in every detail."

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Matej Špánik — WTM Mentor

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