Tayler Culligan — WTM Mentor

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Hi there! My name is Tayler Culligan and I am a designer, art director, and sometimes educator in Dallas, Texas. As the only kid I knew that had a favorite font when they were 9, I eventually channeled my love of design and the visual arts into a career. I studied advertising art direction and graphic design at Columbia College Chicago, where I graduated as class Valedictorian (so, yes also a nerd). I’ve had nearly a decade of experience working in an array of design environments as well as in a variety of fields. I have re-invented my career focus multiple times, working at large design agencies, as well as boutique branding agencies. I also spent many years freelancing both in-house and with my own clients.

A lifetime believer of “don’t ask, don’t get,” I have landed my dream job multiple times, including at Peck Design Associates in Nashville and now at Matchbox Studio in Dallas. I worked very hard for my accomplishments, and believe anyone else can too. I am thankful for all the people I have learned from in my career, and am passionate about paying it forward through mentorship, teaching college courses, and community design groups. Now, I am a mom trying to juggle career and life goals, which is a topic that doesn’t get brought up a lot in design circles. At every stage of life, it has been a struggle trying to define what “balance” means, but it’s a conversation well worth having.

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This is how I can Mentor you:

A few of the topics I can speak to and give advice on:

  • Getting your dream job
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Interview skills and pitfalls
  • Freelancing day-to-day
  • Gaining and maintaining clients
  • Behind the curtain design skills and tricks
  • Finding what you really want to do or focus in
  • Finding success at a full-time position
  • Networking and relationships with other creatives
  • Setting career, creative, and personal goals
  • Making big career shifts
  • Being a working parent
  • Building a meaningful career
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Tayler Culligan — WTM Mentor

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