Vitali Zahharov — WTM Mentor

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Hey there!

Let’s meet! My name is Vitali, founder of mødden agency an award-winning digital and product designer based in Los Angeles (CA), USA. Previously I lived and worked as Creative Director in Singapore, before that I lived in Spain, but originally I’m from a cold and small country called Estonia.

I worked with many big brands including RCCL, Huawei, Samsung, Oracle, Sun, Legrand, JLL etc. Working in the industry for such a long time (I think it’s more than 12 years) taught me to use critical thinking in all aspects of the project by bringing his strong attention to the every small details and also understanding the client’s business concepts and models no matter how big or small they are. ⚡️ My solid knowledge and design thinking allows me to bring beautiful and emotion-driven work to life. My work was recognized across the world, and as a result I've received prestigious awards including CSSDA, Awwwards, FWA and Webby.

Based on all my knowledge and experience I will help you create better you!

👉 Portfolio Review:
During our portfolio review session, we'll dive deep into your body of work to enhance its impact and effectiveness. No stress, no judgement, just you and me, casual conversation where I can help you with:

 1 Comprehensive Analysis: We'll thoroughly assess each project in your portfolio, analyzing its strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

1. Strategic Feedback: I'll provide actionable feedback tailored to your goals and aspirations, focusing on enhancing visual appeal, functionality, and storytelling within your portfolio pieces.
2. Alignment with Career Goals: Together, we'll ensure that your portfolio aligns with your career objectives, whether you're aiming for a specific job role, seeking freelance opportunities, or showcasing your personal brand.
3. Narrative Development: We'll work on crafting a compelling narrative for your portfolio, highlighting your unique skills, experiences, and design philosophy to captivate potential clients or employers.
4. Presentation Tips: I'll share strategies for optimising the presentation of your portfolio, including layout design, project descriptions, and showcasing your work in various formats like online web portfolio, PDF or even a physical portfolio (Yes! Yes Yes! I have that one)

Feel free to reach out to schedule your portfolio review session and take the next step towards unlocking your full potential as a designer!

Looking forward to meeting you ;)

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Vitali Zahharov — WTM Mentor

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